A better way for Mom’s to pack lunch.

Fed-up with the pain of packing lunch each day? Get 21 healthy pre-packed lunchbags delivered to your door every month. And eliminate the burden of shopping and prepping midday meals.


  1. Save Time!
  2. You get a mix of non-perishables (all that’s missing is a fresh fruit or sarmie!
  3. Boxes for adults, kids and even banters.
  4. Value for money; save hundreds of Rands every month.
  5. Avoid last-minute petrol station, fast food or tuck shop purchases!
  6. Best quality, healthiest products.
  7. Incredible variety, so no-one gets bored.
  8. Boxes arrive at your door once a month, anywhere in SA.
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Why does this make sense?

You have enough on your plate. Kids. The school run. Extramurals. Homework. Hubby. Your own career. If there’s any extra time to eke out of a day, you’d like to spend with your children. Or exercising. Or in the bath. Alone.

So why spend it on the hassle of daily lunch organisation? We do all the boring stuff for you – and we deliver! – so you, your partner and your kids are sorted for lunch-time basics every day. And all you have to do is ..

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Why take the chance and try it?

Actually, why not try it? This service works on a month-to-month basis. You can easily cancel at any time, just by emailing member@thelunchbox.me
Also, we know food. We know health. We know service. And hundreds of SA families trust us to do frustration-free lunch-packing for them every month.

What if my kid/family is fussy?

Most children are fussy. Fussiness is a characteristic of childhood. But the way around fussy eating is this: trial and error. We know kids (we have four!) and we know that they won’t eat anything new, til they’ve tried it and they love it. Then you can’t get them to stop eating it. Hence: our trial boxes.
Plus, we guarantee that someone in your family will happily eat whatever Kid #1 rejects.

Kid's Lunchbox


Per Month
  • 21 Lunchbags
  • 3 Food Items
  • Plus One Beverage per day
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Banting Box


Per Month
  • 20 Lunchbags
  • 4 Items Green List only
  • No Beverage
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